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Weapons may be found in (Work Tables) More information in our steam guide[edit | edit source]

Carpenters Log
Carpenters Log.
Pine Wood Bow
Pine Wood Bow (Weight 1.5 Demage 2).
Poblar Wood Bow
Poblar Wood Bow (Weight 1.5 Demage 4) .
Pine Wood Arrow
Pine Wood Arrow.(Weight 0.0025 Demage 2)
Poblar Wood Arrow
Poblar Wood Arrow.(Weight 0.0025 Demage 4)
Stone Spear
Stone Spear.(Weight 1 Demage 10)
Carpentry Table
Carpentry Table.
Cedar Wood Bow
Cedar Wood Bow (Weight 1.5 Demage 6).
Chestnut Wood Bow
Chestnut Wood Bow (Weight 1.5 Demage 8) .
Cedar Wood Arrow
Cedar Wood Arrow.(Weight 0.0025 Demage 8)
Chestnut Wood Arrow
Chestnut Wood Arrow./Weight 0.0025 Demage 6)
Handle For Mining Pickaxe
Handle For Mining Pickaxe.
An Anvill
An Anvill.
Chestnut Wood Arrow
Chestnut Wood Arrow.
A Copper Mining Pickaxe
A Copper Mining Pickaxe.(Weight 1 Demage 6)
A Copper Dagger
A Copper Dagger.(Weight 0.5 Demage 18)
A Long Copper Sword
A Long Copper Sword.(Weight 1.5 Demage 35)
A Copper War Ax
A Copper War Ax.(Weight 1.5 Demage 35)